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Moving, again.

This is a pretty good summary of my life right now:

My bedroom floor at the moment: a sea of boxes.

Incomplete compartmentalization. Mess. Trying to make sense of chaos.  Looking forward to the new, while trying to resign myself to the many loose ends that I’m leaving behind.

I really dislike moving.  Packing is one of my least favorite activities, and I must admit that after 6 years of splitting my time between multiple (very far-apart) geographical regions, I’m more than a little sick of pulling up stakes twice a year and hauling my stuff across the country.  Nevertheless, this is the stage of life I’m in: young, transient, not yet settled into a steady career.  Still growing, exploring.  Running headlong into new things—good and bad—and figuring out how the real world works.

Time to remind myself once again that—just as He’s always been—God is good, and He’s fully in control.


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